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counselling in edinburgh

You’re seeking a therapist because you want to make your life or relationship better.


Things are a struggle at the moment. Your life may have never felt easy, or perhaps you’re going through something especially tough. 

Insecurity, self-doubt, overwhelm or anxiety may feel like your constant companions.

Perhaps you might feel lonely, even among friends or have a sense of dread, even when there’s nothing to feel anxious about.


Or you might be an excessive people pleaser or find yourself in toxic relationships when you’re looking for a loving relationship. 

Perhaps your relationships are always difficult and you don’t understand why.

You’ve tried your best, but things stay the same. 

You feel stuck.

You may not be able to put your finger on why you’re here, but you know you’re searching for something. That’s okay too, we can figure that out together.

The good news is that individual or couples counselling can help.


Find out how counselling and psychotherapy at The Edinburgh Counselling Service can help you work through your difficulties. 


Please see below for an idea of what services we provide. We offer a range of counselling services, session lengths, and pricing options to make counselling fit people's lives. We offer both long term counselling (8+ sessions) and short term counselling (4-8 sessions).

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