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Couples Counselling

You can't seem to communicate with one another and often end up arguing.

You feel like past hurts, disloyalties, or affairs are still affecting your relationship today.

You’re distant from one other.

You feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells trying to prevent your partner from becoming upset or angry.

You’re afraid of where your relationship is heading.

We provide counselling for couples online or face to face in the City of Edinburgh. With couples counselling, it is the relationship that is the focus of the sessions.


Here at The Edinburgh Counselling Service, you will have a neutral space to explore your relationship. We provide those seeking help with their relationship with an unbiased perspective to help remove whatever blocks are in the way of the relationship you desire.  Our relationship counselling sessions can help understanding of each other and yourselves, aid intimacy and communication while maintaining healthy individual boundaries.


The introductory session usually lasts for 90 minutes, and subsequent sessions last for either 50 minutes or 90 minutes depending on your preferences. Please note we currently have very limited availability for couples counselling. Please book here or email us directly if you are interested in booking an appointment. 

counselling in edinburgh

This service is for you if:

  • You are experiencing difficulties and want to find ways to make positive changes together

  • You are unsure about staying together

  • You both want different things moving forward, and need space to explore this

  • You want to separate and need support throughout this transition

Examples of themes explored in couples counselling include:

  • Communication 

  • Disillusionment with the Relationship

  • Family Dynamics

  • Financial Problems

  • Infidelities or betrayals

  • Intimacy Issues

  • Jealousy

  • Job-stress

  • Life transitions (e.g. new parenthood)

  • Parenting

  • Sexual Issues

  • Trauma

counselling in edinburgh

You might be feeling that you are struggling in your relationship and disheartened.


Perhaps it feels as if things will never change and you don’t know where to turn. 


Even if it feels hopeless, the fact that you are here demonstrates your commitment to your relationship, and your hope for making it better. 

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