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Counselling for Trainee Psychotherapists & Counsellors

Counselling is often recommended or a requirement for students on counselling or psychotherapy courses, because of the emotionally strenuous nature of the course. The support of a qualified therapist can be invaluable in helping us to navigate any personal difficulties we may face, imposter syndrome that can arise with beginning client work and figuring out who we are as a practitioner.

counselling in edinburgh

What we offer

We offer a safe and warm confidential space outside of your course and supervision. We can help you to process challenges of the course, process issues from your past, accept your strengths and weaknesses, and become your true authentic self, both inside and outside of your therapy room. We offer in person counselling for students in Edinburgh, and online counselling for students in other areas. 

In particular, we can help with the following:

  • Emotional support during uniquely challenging aspects of your course, such as observed listening or counselling skills practice

  • Provide a safe, impartial space to explore the unique difficulties of being a student and trainee counsellor

  • Discuss transitions from counsellor-in-training to trainee counsellor to qualified counsellor 

  • Provide a supportive space during a demanding course 

  • Provide a space for self-reflection

  • Help you to explore unresolved issues which may form  blind spots in your practice

  • Raise your self-awareness and build confidence in your skills and use of self

  • Experiential learning and a space to see concepts like transference in play 

  • Help you develop into the practitioner you wish to be 

counselling in edinburgh
counselling in edinburgh
counselling in edinburgh
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